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Unirecuperi S.r.l.

Type of activity
Storage, sorting and treatment of non-hazardous special and municipal assimilable waste.
Via Gessi 14 - 44044 Cassana, Ferrara - Tel: +39 0532 732355 -info@unirecuperi.it

Waste Segment

Unirecuperi, with offices in Ferrara, is a 7,000 square metre platform (700 of which are covered) authorised for the storage, sorting and treatment of 29,000 tonnes/year of special waste. The company's customers are mainly small trades and industrial concerns which work in and around the Ferrara area. It has a turnover of approx. 3 million Euros per year.
The purpose of the company activities is to sort and valorise the recoverable fraction of non-hazardous special waste, composed mainly of non-separated packaging waste and therefore generally:
  • paper and cardboard
  • plastic film and hard plastic (PE)
  • wood and pallets
  • rubber,
  • inert materials and worksite and demolition waste
  • big bags
  • various metals
  • old tyres.
Before acceptance, the waste is subjected to an inspection at its production site, in order to check the suitability of the waste, during which the producer fills in a description form and an analysis is requested to match the product to the classification codes. All loads classified in this way which are delivered to the plant accompanied by the form are checked visually before and after offloading to check that the waste delivered conforms to the standard and the offer.
The waste is then sorted and selected in special areas using polyp grab lifters and a conveyor belt. It should be noted that the waste processed is inorganic and does not constitute any hazard for the staff or the nearby businesses. After selection and sorting the recovered materials are sent to authorised plants for "refining" and recovery.
Unirecuperi also provides skip hire and transportation services to its customers, as well as administrative and managerial waste consulting. Being efficiently managed, Unirecuperi guarantees highly competitive service rates.
In 2008 14,100 tonnes of waste were received, 50% of the site's authorised capacity. The percentage of waste sent for recovery was 35%. Methane consumption has dropped while electricity consumption has increased due to the increased use of the conveyor.
The targets set and achieved by the company in 2008 are:
  • 10% increase in the number of producer-customers
  • application to increase the authorised codes
  • start of office renovation programme
  • employees increased from 4 in 2006 to 9 at the start of 2009
  • the fire prevention system was fully renovated and the CPI fire prevention certificate obtained
Among the targets for 2009:
  • a further increase in the number of direct customers and quantities processed
  • completion of office renovation
  • restructuring of the sorting area and installation of a new conveyor
  • improvement of transport services